JECRC Incubation Centre is promoting student driven innovation and start-ups to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Our Mission is to support and enable innovative ideas to turn into successful startups.

Our Vision is to be a centre of excellence that fosters synergy between the academia and the industry that fuels entrepreneurial spirit and inculcates research bent of mind among students to help them to be self-reliant and contribute to the nation building.

To nurture student entrepreneurs, we assist start-ups by converting their early-stage companies into highly scalable and commercially viable businesses. JIC envisions fostering an entrepreneur-friendly culture around academics & research by mentoring the Incubated Startups and evaluating them from time to time. JECRC Incubation Centre is the first centre in Rajasthan with a well defined Startup Policy for Students.

Vice Person's Message

Shri Arpit Agarwal

The JECRC Incubation Centre and JECRC University Entrepreneurship Cell is a matter of Pride and Honour for us. JU Entrepreneurship Cell is set up to foster start- up culture & entrepreneurial mindset among the students. The young minds learn significant & worthwhile insights about the perpetual entrepreneurial and startup journey. JU Entrepreneurship Cell conducts numerous activities such as workshops, interactive sessions and webinars with successful entrepreneurs, which brings forth the start-up ecosystem. Start-ups contributes to economic dynamism by spurring innovation and the fundamental concept of our Entrepreneurship Cell is to proffer a core insight into the world of Startups and provide a helping hand in any way possible to the interested candidates.







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